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Every human deserves a life of dignity. With the aim to give beings a better life, our organization strives to uplift the under-privileged and help all the people in darkness. We help persons with disabilities, as well as children and the elderly.  We are a non-profit organization that focuses on the reunification process of the Child Welfare System.


We welcome all those who would like to be a part of this noble cause. Your contributions in kind and cash can help us serve humanity better. The goal is to build community capacity aimed at improving racial and ethnic equity and positive outcomes for women and families nationally.

We collaborate and network with other profit and non-profit organizations providing similar and complementary services. Our core principles are centered on service to humanity and rescuing people from the clutches of their tormented lives. 


Our organization additionally provides training and sources for adults to live a life of dignity and become dependent. Inculcating self confidence in them and helping them live with dignity, we assist them in walking towards the light and not letting the darkness of their lives torments them anymore. 



Contact Information:

Name:  Bethany Stephens, CEO


Facebook:  Inspirational Hope

Phone:  813-829-4318

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